2017-2018 Committee Appointments

Curt Melcher (OR), President

Curt Melcher (OR)-Chair
Keith Sexson (KS)
Vacant - (UT)
Virgil Moore (ID)
Tony Wasley (NV)

Kelly Hepler (SD)
Larry Kruckenberg (WY)
Deb VonDeBur (ID)

Budget and Finance
Curt Melcher (OR)
Bruce Dale (AK)*
Jim Douglas (NE)*
Ross Melinchuk (TX)*
Alexandra Sandoval (NM)

  *-denotes Compliance Sub-Committee Members

Awards and Recognition
Tony Wasley (NV) – Chair

Human Dimensions
Alexa Sandoval (NM) – Chair


Jim Unsworth (WA) – Chair

Keith Sexson (KS) – Chair

Inland and Marine Fisheries
Kelly Hepler (SD) – Chair

Nominating, Time and Place
Vacant/Pending – Chair

Law Enforcement
Heather Dugan (CO)-Chair

R3 Committee
Curt Melcher (OR) – Chair

Climate Change
Tim McCoy (NE) – Chair
Sue Rodman (AK) – Vice-Chair

Nongame/Endangered Species
Kelly Hepler (SD)-Chair

Jeff Ver Steeg (CO) – Chair

Resource Information & Education
Ty Gray (AZ) – Chair

Vacant/Pending - Chair

Vacant/Pending – Chair

Private Lands Access & Conservation
Vacant/Pending – Chair

Wildlife Health
Leslie McFarlane (UT) – Chair

Legislative Committee
Vacant/Pending – Chair

Human/Wildlife Conflicts
Scott Talbott (WY) – Chair

Western Bird Conservation
Virgil Moore (ID) – Chair

Directors’ ESA/SARA Working Group
Tony Walsey (NV)-Chair

Aquatic Invasive Species Working Group
Reid DeWalt (CO)-Chair
Kelly Helper (SD) - Director Sponsor

Mule Deer Working Group
Jim Heffelfinger (AZ) – Chair
Bob Broscheid (CO) – Director Sponsor

Western Quail Working Group
Rey Sanchez (NM) – Chair
Alexandra Sandoval (NM) - Director Sponsor

Wild Sheep Working Group
Mike Cox (NV) – Chair
Tony Wasley (NV) – Director Sponsor

Wildlife Chiefs’ Wolverine

Ken McDonald (MT) – Chair
Virgil Moore (ID) – Director Sponsor

Ad Hoc Lead and Wildlife Working Group
Vacant/Pending – Chair

Monarch Butterfly Working Group
Vacant/Pending – Chair
Stafford Leh (CA) – Director Sponser