Mule Deer Working Group

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose for this working group is to:

  1. Begin to develop strategies to assist in management of declining mule deer populations throughout the West;
  2. Improve communication among mule deer biologists throughout the West;
  3. Provide a forum to respond to information needs from agency administration.

The Mule Deer Working Group has been very successful in their efforts to reach those goals and are considered one of the most active and productive working groups sponsored by WAFWA.


In 1997, the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) established a Mule Deer Working Group (MDWG) consisting of a representative from each western state and western Canadian province.  Since the time of the MDWG’s inception, it has been successfully addressing mule and black-tailed deer concerns shared among wildlife agencies in western North America.


Bob Broscheid Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Director Sponsor
Jim Heffelfinger, Chair, Arizona Game and Fish Department,
Shawn Gray, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department,
Andy Lindbloom, South Dakota Department Game and Fish,
Allison Henderson, Saskatchewan Dept. of Environ. and Res. Manage,
Kim Morton, Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division,
Craig White, Idaho Department of Fish & Game,
Cody Schroeder, Nevada Department of Wildlife,
Sophie Czetwertynski, Yukon Department of Environment,
Levi Jaster, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks,
Orrin Duvuvuei, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish,
Thomas Kaiakapu, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Hawaii,
Daryl Lutz, Wyoming, Game and Fish Department,
Justin Shannon, Utah Division Wildlife Resources,
Kit Hams, Nebraska Game and Parks Department,
Sara Hansen, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife,
Karin McCoy, Alaska Department of Fish and Game,
Stuart Itoga, California Department of Fish and Wildlife,
Bruce Stillings, North Dakota Game and Fish Department,
Don Whittaker, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife,
VACANT, Arizona Game and Fish Department
Andy Holland, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife,
Dean Waltee, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department,
Eric Bartholomew, Oklahoma Dept of Wildlife Conservation,
Gerald Kuzyk, B.C. Ministry of For., Lands and Nat. Res. Operations,

Past Working Group Members & Contributors