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2014 WSWG Meeting Minutes 1-21-14.pdf Neoreef HostMinutes5/13/2015 321 KB Download
2014 WSWG Meeting Minutes 4-29-14.pdf Neoreef HostMinutes5/13/2015 245 KB Download
2014 WSWG Meeting Minutes 7-20-14.pdf Neoreef HostMinutes5/13/2015 204 KB Download
2014 WSWG Meeting Minutes 9-22-14.pdf Neoreef HostMinutes5/13/2015 234 KB Download
2015 WSWG Meeting Minutes - January 6-7, 2015 (1).pdf Neoreef HostMinutes5/20/2015 204 KB Download
2015 WSWG Meeting Minutes-4-29-15.pdf Neoreef HostMinutes5/26/2015 255 KB Download


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Correlates of Recruitment in Montana Bighorn Sheep Populations-FINAL.pdf Neoreef HostReports5/13/2015 2.65 MB Download
Jurisdictional Non-Resident Permit Allocation Regulations.pdf Neoreef HostReports7/14/2015 220 KB Download
Report to WAFWA jurisdiction survey picked-up sheep heads.pdf Neoreef HostReports7/14/2015 196 KB Download
Summary on 9 BHS die-offs in 5 western states, winter 2009-10.pdf Neoreef HostReports5/13/2015 54.6 KB Download
WAFWA_WS_Herd_Monitoring_9_09.pdf Neoreef HostReports5/13/2015 83.0 KB Download
WS-DS_DiseaseTransmission_TWS-AAWV_JointStatement.pdf Neoreef HostReports7/14/2015 112 KB Download

Disease Monitoring

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BHS herd health monitoring_Final 1_3_2015.pdf Neoreef HostDisease5/13/2015 1.10 MB Download
TWS_FactSheet_BighornSheep_FINAL_2014 09 30.pdf Neoreef HostDisease7/14/2015 1.02 MB Download


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Jurisdictional WS Pop Est License Numbers Ram-Ewe Harvest_06-24-2015.xlsx Neoreef HostData7/14/2015 139 KB Download


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2015-USDA Response to WAFWA 021815 Ltr -Sheep Viability Analysis.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence7/14/2015 80.7 KB Download
Letter from USFS ChiefGailKimbell to PresidentJeffVonk 050908.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence5/13/2015 25.3 KB Download
WAFWA letter to Governor Otter and Chairman Wright 072109.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence5/13/2015 50.5 KB Download
WAFWA letter to Representative_Simpson_Section_431 052412.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence5/13/2015 53.6 KB Download
WAFWA letter to Representative_Simpson_Section_442 072811.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence5/13/2015 59.4 KB Download
WAFWA letter to USFWS 092509.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence5/13/2015 37.3 KB Download
WAFWA Response to Proposed USFS APHIS MOU 120108.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence5/13/2015 51.2 KB Download
WAFWA WSWG letter to Federal Land Management Agencies 083107.pdf Neoreef HostCorrespondence5/13/2015 41.0 KB Download