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Hunter, Angler, Shooting Sports and Wildlife Recreation Participation Committee

Statement of Purpose:

"To function as the Association’s principal forum for discussing, gathering information and/or identifying actions relative to all aspects of these important issues and to report its deliberations and recommendations to the WAFWA directors for either informational purposes or their approval at both the mid-winter or annual business meetings of the Association. Further, once actions are agreed upon by the collective body of directors, the committee’s leadership and membership will be the principal means to implement these positions/priorities within WAFWA member agencies where there is interest in doing so and/or advance and advocate these priorities and proposed actions within the framework of AFWA to achieve even greater and more meaningful results."

Committee Chair Duties

  • Solicit and determine items for committee meeting agenda (May).
  • Provide Secretary with final agenda (June).
  • Chair the committee meeting, direct discussion (July).
  • Arrange to have someone take minutes of the committee meeting (July).
  • Arrange to have host state/province office staff type up the minutes after the committee meeting and prior to the business meeting (1-2 days).
  • Present an oral committee report at the annual business meeting (July).
  • Turn in typed committee report to the Secretary at the annual business meeting for attachment to the minutes.
  • Return this file to the Secretary after the annual business meeting.
  • Complete committee action items identified at the annual meeting (on going).
  • Report at the mid-winter meeting, if requested by the directors (January).

Steve Ferrell
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
5400 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82006
Phone: 307-777-4501
Fax: 307-777-4699
E-mail: steve.ferrell@wgf.state.wy.us

Roy Elicker
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
3406 Cherry Ave., NE
Salem, Oregon 97303
Phone: 503-47-6044
Fax: 503-947-6042
E-mail: roy.elicker@state.or.us


Rob Corrigan, (AB): rob.corrigan@gov.ab.ca
Cindi Jacobson, (AK): cindi.jacobson@alaska.gov
Lisa Evans, (AK): lisa.evans@alaska.gov
Ty Gray, (AZ): tgray@azgfd.gov
Eric Loft, (CA): eloft@dfg.ca.gov
Neil Manji, (CA): nmanji@dfg.ca.gov
Debbie Lininger, (CO): debbie.lininger@state.co.us
Edwin Johnson, (HI): edwin.d.johnson@hawaii.gov
Mike Keckler, (ID): mkeckler@idfg.idaho.gov
Mike Miller, (KS): mikegm@wp.state.ks.us
Tom Lang, (KS): toml@wp.state.ks.us
Thomas Baumeister, (MT):tbaumeister@mt.gov
Jeff Rawlinson, (NE): jeff.rawlinson@nebraska.gov
Pat Block, (NM): patrick.block@state.nm.us
Andrew Crews, (OK): acrews@odwc.state.ok.us
Scott Simpson, (SD): scott.simpson@state.sd.us
Ruben Cantu, (TX): ruben.cantu@tpwd.state.tx.us
Mike Fowlks, (UT): mikefowlks@utah.gov
Robin Thomas, (UT): robinthomas@utah.gov
John Kennedy, (WY): john.kennedy@wgf.state.wy.us


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