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Wildlife Health Committee

Statement of Purpose:

"To provide technical guidance to agency administration through written documents; to increase communication between those interested in wildlife health issues in the West; and to aid in efficient management of wildlife health issues by coordination of these issues on a regional basis".

Committee Chair Duties

  • Solicit and determine items for committee meeting agenda (May).
  • Provide Secretary with final agenda (June).
  • Chair the committee meeting, direct discussion (July).
  • Arrange to have someone take minutes of the committee meeting (July).
  • Arrange to have host state/province office staff type up the minutes after the committee meeting and prior to the business meeting (1-2 days).
  • Present an oral committee report at the annual business meeting (July).
  • Turn in typed committee report to the Secretary at the annual business meeting for attachment to the minutes.
  • Complete committee action items identified at the annual meeting (on going).
  • Report at the mid-winter meeting, if requested by the directors (January).


Kristin Mansfield (WA)
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
2315 N. Discovery Place
Spokane Valley, WA  99216
Phone: 509-892-1001 ext. 326
Fax: 509-921-2440

Vice-Chair - Alan Clark
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
1594 W North Temple, Suite 2110
Salt Lake City, Utah  84114-6301
Phone: 801-538-4703
Fax:  801-538-4709
E-Mail: alangclark@utah.gov


Margo Pybus, (AB): margo.pybus@gov.ab.ca
Kimberlee Beckmen, (AK): kimberlee.beckmen@alaska.gov
Kim Titus, (AK): kim.titus@alaska.gov 
Ann Justice-Allen, (AZ): ajustice-allen@azgfd.gov
Pam Swift, (CA): pswift@dfg.ca.gov
Jeff Ver Steeg, (CO): jeff.ver_steeg@state.co.us
Mike Miller, (CO): mike.miller@state.co.us
Edwin Johnson, (HI): edwin.j.johnson@hawaii.gov
Mark Drew, (ID): mdrew@idfg.idaho.gov
Lloyd Fox, (KS): lloydf@wp.state.ks.us
Jennifer Schultz, (MT): jschultz@mt.gov
Daniel Grove, (ND): dmgrove@nd.gov
Kerry Mower, (NM): kmower@state.nm.us
Mark Atkinson, (NV): matkinson@ndow.org
Tom Kirschenmann, (SD): tom.kirschenmann@state.sd.us
Yeen Ten Hwang, (SK): yeenten.hwang@gov.sk.ca
Colin Gillin, (OR): colin.m.gillin@state.or.us
Clayton Wolf, (TX): clayton.wolf@tpwd.state.tx.us
Leslie McFarlane, (UT): lesliemcfarlane@utah.gov
Scott Talbott, (WY): scott.talbott@wgf.state.wy.us
Steve Ferrell, (WY): steve.ferrell@wgf.state.wy.us
Philip Merchant, (YK): philip.merchant@gov.yk.ca

  • July 2009 Wildlife Health Committee Meeting Minutes
  • July 2008 Wildlife Health Committee Meeting Minutes
  • July 2007 Wildlife Health Committee Meeting Minutes
  • July 2006 Wildlife Health Committee Meeting Minutes
  • July 2005 Wildlife Health Committee Meeting Minutes

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