State-Federal-Tribal Communications Committee

Statement of Purpose:
"Identify, develop and coordinate procedures and actions which provide the maintenance of the respective state/province, federal, and tribal authorization and assuring minimal overlap of programs and the most efficient use of funds and staff for the ultimate benefit of the resource and the public".


Martha Williams 
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
1420 Ease Sixth Avenue
Helena, Montana 59620-0701
Phone 406-444-3186

Tribal Agreements/MOUs

The Association and its members recognize the importance of cooperating with tribal interests throughout the West to enhance fish and wildlife resources and recreational opportunities. Many states have agreements and/or memorandums of understanding with various tribes covering an array of activities. Copies of a select few of these are provided here as examples for member agencies contemplating developing similar or related documents. Interested parties should contact the respective state wildlife agency directly to determine the current status of these agreements.