2016 WAFWA/CBMA Conference Survey

Thank you for attending the 2016 WAFWA/CBMA Conference. Your feedback provides information that will continue to increase attendee value and help allot the time we spend together to the most beneficial activities. Please take 10-15 minutes to answer the following 13 questions. Thank you!

Please Rate Your Experience.
Networking with counterparts in other states can be highly valuable. What part of the conference allowed you to experience your best networking? Why was this such valuable networking time?
There were 13 vendors present at the conference. Please identify any vendors who weren't there you would have liked to have had present:
My panel session worked well because (please identify the parts of your panel session that made your time there valuable)
My panel session could be improved with (please identify where you see opportunity for improving your panel session)
What as the most valuable part of the conference for you and why?
At next year's conference, I want to learn more about:
Please share any additional feedback you'd like the conference host to think about for next year.