Jack Rabbit, Texas-Photo Credit Chase Fountain

Burrowing Owl, Nevada - Photo Credit Tim Torrell

Eyed Trout Eggs, Tonto Creek Hatchery AZ - Photo Credit George Andrejko

Humpback Whales, Orca, Alaska - Photo Credit Sandstrom, Riley Woodford



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May 23

WAFWA Summer Meeting Update

Learn more about changes to the upcoming WAFWA Summer Meeting in July. 

May 22

Issue Profile: Human COVID-19 and Wild Sheep Disease Pandemics

Read reflections on the similarities between the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-term pandemic in wild sheep. 

May 08

Up in Smoke: Fire and Invasives on Western Rangelands

Watch this five-minute film on wildfire in sagebrush country. 

Apr 09

ON THE HORIZON - News from WAFWA: April 2020, Issue 22

A powerful new partnership for native trout, illegal turtle trade, and an update on the Lesser Prairie-Chicken program. Find out about the latest efforts to conserve the lands, waters, and wildlife in the West.

Apr 08

WAFWA's Lesser Prairie-Chicken Program Update

Read here about the latest updates to WAFWA's Lesser Prairie-Chicken Program. 

Entries 1-5 of 115
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