Jack Rabbit, Texas-Photo Credit Chase Fountain

Burrowing Owl, Nevada - Photo Credit Tim Torrell

Eyed Trout Eggs, Tonto Creek Hatchery AZ - Photo Credit George Andrejko

Humpback Whales, Orca, Alaska - Photo Credit Sandstrom, Riley Woodford



Up in Smoke: Fire and Invasives on Western Rangelands

Watch this five-minute film on wildfire in sagebrush country. 

Fire in rangelands can have devastating effects on habitat, wildlife, people, and the nation's economy. 

Today, wildfire in sagebrush country is occurring much more frequently than it did historically. Public land agencies and private partners are working to address this challenge, which is why the Bureau of Land Management and Intermountain West Joint Venture (a key partner of WAFWA) created a five-minute film to call attention to the scale and gravity of fire and invasives. Titled Up in Smoke: Fire and Invasives on Western Rangelands, the film outlines four actions you can take to combat this challenge.

Watch the video here.

Posted by WAFWA at 5/8/2020 3:24:00 AM
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