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WAFWA Summer Meeting Update

Learn more about changes to the upcoming WAFWA Summer Meeting in July. 


May 22, 2020

The Executive Committee met today and voted to hold the Summer Meeting virtually. Summit County, Utah currently has a limit of 50 people gathering which would not give us the capacity to hold the meeting as intended. Over the next few weeks, the team at WAFWA and Delaney Meeting & Event Management will be in touch regarding schedule questions, instructions on how to make the best of your virtual conference experience, and registration information. The virtual platform will allow for committee meetings, a plenary session, opportunities for networking with other attendees and sponsors, and many features of the normal Summer Meeting, except being in person. Meeting virtually is not a replacement for in person connection, but will still allow us to get our business done. Utah will host the meeting in 2022, the 100th Anniversary of WAFWA, which coincidentally started at a meeting in Salt Lake City in 1922.

A few important details:

  • The dates of the conference will be Wednesday, July 8, Thursday, July 9, Friday, July 10, Monday July 13, and Tuesday July 14. We’ll take a break over the weekend so you can enjoy time with family and friends.
  • If you made a hotel reservation, we will arrange to have your deposit refunded, so no need for you to call.
  • If you registered with us on line, we will refund your registration, and send along the registration information for the virtual meeting in a few weeks. The new registration fee will likely be half of the original amount, so consider sending more of your staff than you would have been able to if the cost was prohibitive.
  • If you chair a committee, we will be in touch to ask whether you need to meet or can shorten the length of time you meet.

Please continue to check our WAFWA Summer Meeting page for the latest updates and information. 

Posted by WAFWA at 5/23/2020 2:01:00 AM
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